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Use your MasterCard or Visa to send money to your loved ones in East Africa directly to their mobile phones or bank account. The recipient will be able to instantly access the money you send from wherever they are using mobile money transfer service.

N.B: You may also pay a utility bill for your loved ones in Kenya.

How To Send Money

Easily send money directly to a mobile phone or bank account by signing into your Mobi-Remit account.

1. Sign-up for a Mobi-Remit account and link your MasterCard or VISA by entering the 4-digit verification AUTH CODE sent to you by your bank via SMS, email, paper or online statement (This is a one time event).
2. Enter recipient's mobile number or bank account and amount to send (USD).
3. Click 'send button' to complete the transaction.

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VIDEO: How To Send Money using Mobi-Remit


Sign-up: Our free simple sign-up form requires you to provide your name and mobile/email. A one-time-password is automatically sent to your mobile phone/email; which you change to your own memorizable password, during the initial log-in. You will also be required to add your payment card and verify it to ascertain your identity as the card-holder.


Log-in: Use your mobile phone number and the one time password sent to your mobile phone/email to log into your account.

Recipient Number and Amount to Send

Recipient Number and Amount: Enter your recipient's valid mobile phone number or bank account and the amount you wish to send in USD. The amount to be billed will be displayed for you. (We do not wish to brag but we actually do offer the best rates in the remmitance space).

Confirm Card Transaction

Card Information: Select to confirm your previously linked payment card option (VISA or MasterCard) which is then automatically processed using a bank-grade secure payment gateway.
Note:  Mobi-Remit uses the strongest industry standard SSL certificates for all our data encryption.

Transaction Confirmation and Notification

Leave the rest to us. You will immediately receive an email notification of the transaction status.


Our Rate (USD/KES) : 105.56       Rate (USD/TZS) : 2168.35       Rate (USD/UGX) : 3322.16       Rate (USD/RWF) : 941.95

Because of our best-rate policy, we are proud to offer you the best rates in the remmitance space.
Please use the calculator below to appreciate our awesome offer.

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